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Wine route in Priorat and Montsant

Priorat and Montsant are two excellent wine region appellations that lay next to the other so it is possible to visit in one same day one winery from Priorat and one from Montsant, having lunch also in the area.

The Montsant wine denomination was born in the year 2002, consisting of the municipalities and wineries which had up to then formed the Falset sub-zone of the Tarragona denomination. Since then the DO (Denominació d'origen) Montsant has experienced spectacular growth. When it was set up the denomination had 28 wineries, but now there are more than 40. Nearly 70% of the wine they bottle is exported, largely to Germany and the United States. The area planted with vines covers 1,826 hectares (4,500 acres) and the annual grape harvest stands at around 10,000 tonnes.

The DO Montsant is a young denomination. And so are many of the people who head its wineries. Most of the oenologists working in the DO are less than 40 years old. And youth means future, experimentation and new ideas. This is the DO Montsant today: a young wine denomination with a great future ahead of it.

In the Wine Apellation Area of Montsant it is located the winery of a wellknown Wine Producers Cooperative. Some years ago the Jewish community of Barcelona asked them if they could produce a kosher wine. This demanded the installation of new equipment allowing the winemakers to identify, isolate and vinify under controlled "Lo Mesbushal" conditions small parcels of high quality fruit. The ground was laid for production of a range of fruit driven wines. The kosher wine was a success and this cooperative wine now enjoys a reputation amongst the highest in the world.

In this wine tour we suggest to visit in the morning one winery of Priorat and after lunch this famous and unique Cooperative winery specialised in producing kosher wine.

* This is a full day tour that would last about 10 hours

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