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1. The Old city 2. Modernist Architecture 3. Gaudí in Barcelona 4. Picasso - Miró 5. Medieval Barcelona 6. Barcelona highlights
Modernist Architecture

Modernist Architecture Route

In the late 19th century, at the time of the Universal Exhibition of 1888, Barcelona was a bustling city in which architecture played a major role as an indicator of the social status of the then flourishing bourgeoisie. Having a Modernista house meant that one was keeping up with the trends of the social elite. To meet the expectations and vanities of their clients, the architects used their whole repertoire of resources in their work: floral decorations, rich sculptural and wrought iron work, undulating forms, stained glass, sgraffito work, and ceramic details. Large cities can often be associated with buildings and monuments that become their universal emblems. This, however, is not the specific case of Barcelona. The architectural personality of Barcelona is characterised more by its urban landscape than by outstanding individual buildings.

One of the areas in which this urban landscape is most exceptional is the Eixample, a district in which there occurred an extraordinary architectural phenomenon at the turn of the century: Modernisme, the particular local version of Art Nouveau, a European trend that led to an outburst of creative activity and also left remarkable architecture in other cities such as Vienna, Munich, Nancy, Brussels, Glasgow or Berlin. This route will take you on a tour of this phenomenon in Barcelona. It is in this district of the Eixample where is located the well-known Mançana de la Discordia (Block of Discord) with 3 amazing houses: the Batlló House,work of Antoni Gaudí, the Ametller House , a building by Puig i Cadafalch and the Lleó i Morera House,work of Domenech i Montaner. Very close to that it stands the Casa Milà , better known as “la Pedrera”, the Baró de Quadres Palace, Terrades House, Macaya Palace, Sagrada Família Church and Saint Paul’s Hospital, magnificent and unique buildings from which we will have the chance to contemplate their beautiful façades and portals.

* No interior entrances contemplated in this itinerary but you can always decide it (in the buildings where interior visits are allowed)
** I suggest to do this tour walking although in any moment we can take a taxi or have a chauffeured car
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