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Planning a tour to Barcelona?  
Thinking of making a wine tour in Catalonia? Then, let me guide you!!!  
1. The Old city 2. Modernist Architecture 3. GaudÝ in Barcelona 4. Picasso - Mirˇ 5. Medieval Barcelona 6. Barcelona highlights
Medieval Barcelona

Medieval Barcelona & Romanesque Collection in MNAC (National Museum of Art of Catalonia)

On this tour we will concentrate in the historical centre of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter, and in the outstanding Romanesque art collection of the National Art Museum of Catalonia.

We will walk in the Gothic Quarter, with its enchanting medieval streets and Squares like Plaša Sant Jaume, Plaša del Rei and the Cathedralĺ square. We can visit the Cathedral (on its opening hours only) dedicated to the Holy Cross and to Saint Eulalia, patron saint of the city┤s Diocesis, with its enchanting gothic cloister.

After this nice walking tour we will drive to Montju´c Hill to visit the Romanesque Art Collection inside the National Art Museum of Catalonia ( Museu Nacional d┤Art de Catalunya).This Romanesque Gallery presents mainly Catalan works mostly belonging to the 11th, 12th and 13th Centuries. The most emblematic pieces in the collection are the mural paintings which, due to their size and quality, characterize the tour. It is an exceptional series, considered unique in the world for this reason.

Most of the works were acquired around the first third of the twentieth century, to avoid the dispersal of an essential part of the artistic heritage. Of equal importance are the panel paintings, the woodcarvings, the stone sculptures and the metal and enamel work.

* This is a beautiful and much recommended tour for the people interested in medieval art, which helps to understand how it was extended the Christianity in Catalonia after the expulsion of the Arab culture from these territories
** The Cathedral and the Museum have entrance costs
** We will need a chauffeured car or taxi to move from the Gothic Quarter to the Museum
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