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Planning a tour to Barcelona?  
Thinking of making a wine tour in Catalonia? Then, let me guide you!!!  

Mike Mazzei and Family, New York, USA 
"Thanks Sonia,for the wonderful experience in your home of Barcelona. We love Spaniards more than ever !!! When you come to NY please let us know if we can be of any assistance to you. It would be our pleasure."

Mathew and Laura Hamilton, Seattle, USA 
"We had heard so many good things about Barcelona, than before coming we already knew that the best way to get to know the city and its life well, was hiring a local professional guide. We only had 3 days there and we wanted to get the best of it. Sandra was the perfect guide for my husband and me. She was very knowledgeable about the history, art and culture of the city but she also knew the nice little restaurants, cafés and traditional shops where usually only locals who know them would go. Always friendly and patient. We ‘ve traveled quite a lot and have had different guides, she was one of the best we ever had. Thank you again for everything dear Sandra."
Sarah and John, New York, USA 
"Thank you so much ,Sònia ,for all your time. It was very interesting visiting Barcelona with you. The Sagrada Familia Church as well as Gaudí’s different buildings were above all our highlights in our trip to your beautiful city. We would highly recommend that anyone we know book a tour with you; to visit Barcelona with such a professional tour guide, skipping long lines in the monuments , having even discount in some of them , answering to all our questions with patience and a smile, was the best investment we could do in our trip to Barcelona."
David and Suzanne Wilson, California, USA 
"My husband and I are big wine lovers and wherever we travel , if it’s a wine region we try to visit some winery. To visit Priorat region, Sandra , with you was amazing, thank you for explaining us so much about its soil, grape varieties, wineries, etc, and for finding for us a very interesting winery to visit, Costers del Siurana, where Mariona, one of the owners, was so nice to us. We have to tell you that we’ve already drunk the bottle we bought!!!! We couldn’t wait to share it with our friends. The restaurant you chose for us was also excellent. We wish you a lot of success in your business Sandra!"
Lewis Ripps, Bayonne, New Jersey, USA 
"My wife joins me in thanking you for the excellent tour of Barcelona. There is an old and very classic American movie, entitled Casablanca. When the hero, Humpfrey Bogart, and the heroine, Ingrid Bergman, depart at the end of the movie Bogart reminds Bergman of a great time they had years before by saying, 'we'll always have Paris'. In this case Marcia and I can say, 'we'll always have Barcelona - with Sonia'. Thanks and regards."
Dr George L Dempsey, PhD Corporate Psychology, TEXAS, USA
"We recently planned our first trip to Barcelona and knew we needed a fantastic guide to do it service. We searched the internet and what a find we came up with. Her name is Sandra and her website is We booked her for two days blind but knew she was licensed and also knew that most European licensed guides have extensive training. Wow! Were we ever blown away. Sandra is the most energetic, pleasant, knowledgeable and committed guide we've ever encountered...and we've traveled extensively. She customized our two days to suit us and her knowledge of the city, the country, the architecture, the wine etc was beyond phenomenal. We finished our two days thoroughly pleased. We wanted for nothing. She arranged winery tours, private transportation, and everything else we could think of...all without a glitch and all with her wonderful smile and graciousness. If you are planning a trip to Barcelona I can recommend her to you with absolutely no reservations. You will be assured of a terrific time and you too will say, "Wow!" when you're finished. Feel to contact me directly if you'd like more information; it will be my pleasure to share with you in greater detail. Thanks again Sandra for making Barcelona come alive for us! Dr Dempsey, Houston, TX"
EM>Familie Alessandro d´Ambrosio, AUSTRIA
"Sehr geehrte Frau Benzal, ich möchte mich nochmals für die gut Betreuung in Barcelona bedanken. Obwohl wir uns so kurzfristig gemeldet hatten, konnten Sie uns für 2 Tage jeweils einen Guide organisieren. Beide Guides waren äußerst kompetent und haben nicht nur uns Erwachsenen die Stadt näher gebracht, auch unsere Kinder wiederholen immer wieder das Erzählte und Gesehene. Lassen Sie beide bitte ganz herzlich von uns Grüßen. muy attentamente, Fam. d‘Ambrosio"
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